So the site looks a little different…. Yup, I am updating my website. Woot! Everything should be back up and running (meaning the galleries, shop, bulletin, etc. sections of the shop) early January. If you would like to purchase MOSS items locally (Portland), please check the “Where to buy MOSS” section on the left column of the screen. And if you would like to purchase MOSS items online, please check my etsy shop and the awesome Never Ender online store. If you need to get a hold of me, Diana, maker of things, please email me at

NOTE on the Etsy Shop : I know it looks a little bare. I am currently making new things for Valentines Day and Spring. Check back early January for exciting new designs!

NOTE on finding the awesomest royalty-free retro images for the web: Check out this site.

Stay tuned. Big changes. Exciting stuff. I promise.