1. Little Sheep Corduroy Clutch from Flapper Girl – Actually this might have been from 2 years ago but its one of my very favorite things. This is a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe. Its the perfect size for carrying your wallet and car keys but still small enough to throw into a market bag when you’re out shopping. And it’s just so darn cute and girly. Also, Christine makes these clutches with reclaimed and vintage materials so they are environmentally friendly and unique.

Little Sheep Clutch from Flapper Girl

2. Tweed Coat from Buffalo Exchange – I got this for FREE!!! Yes, free! I am a faithful customer of Buffalo Exchange (both trading and shopping) and at my last trip there I scored this awesome Fall coat for free by trading in some of my old clothes. There is no tag on it so I don’t know who made it or how old it is but its absolutely gorgeous and I feel so mod when I wear it.

Tweed Coat from Buffalo Exchange

3. Soaps by Scrumptious Suds – I am so hooked on these. There is something super girly about dessert smelling soaps. Makes me feel yummy after showering 🙂 My favorite “flavors” are Southern Strawberry Shortcake and the Turkish Mocha.

Photo Cred: I would have loved to put a photo of my bars on this post, but as I am down to my last bar and it is already being used (not a pretty picture), I just used this photo from the Scrumptious Suds website.

Soaps by Scrumptious Suds

4. Jewelry by Dolcetti – Everytime I pass by Joann Lupton’s (super talented designer behind Dolcetti) booth at craft shows I almost always have to get something. Her stuff is so delicate and feminine and colors are always so amazing and her jewelry is the type that you could wear with almost anything. There are very few weeks when I don’t wear one of her pieces.

NOTE: The one with the big blue glass bead was supposed to be a present for someone but I loved it so much, I ended up keeping it for myself.

Jewelry from Dolcetti

5. Camisole and Slip from Glam Garb by Gunlis –  I was done pretty early setting up for last year’s Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale. So I decided to walk around and see all the lovely merchandise for sale. I happened upon this space with racks of beautiful hand-dyed slips. And that whole day, I was a lady on a mission, I had to get over there no matter how busy the day got, so I could grab some for my very own. And these are mine 🙂

Slips by Glab Garb by Gunlis