Easy Spring Themed Mobile

One of the best things that we got when Mayumi was a baby, was this wooden mobile with alligator clips to hang photos with (you can find a similar mobile here). Now we hang it over Mayumi’s window and hang all sorts of stuff on it, usually themed with the seasons. Last weekend we decided to change it to something more spring-y. I saw this simple origami tutorial for little lotus flowers (you can watch it here). It was simple enough to replicate multiple times and easy enough for my preschooler to follow. We made a couple of these, punched a hole in each flower’s center and strung them up on some yarn with colored plastic beads. The plastic beads were used to space the flowers apart. We then clipped the strands of the folded lotus flowers on the alligator clips of the mobile. This project is so simple and cheery. Makes me look forward to sunnier days ahead šŸ™‚