I just wanted to give a shout out to an old friend. Back in 2007, I did my very first craft show at Crafty Wonderland. I was pretty much a newbie to the DIY world, having only sold my wares at etsy. It took me about an hour to write a nervous email to Torie and Cathy introducing myself and applying for a booth at Crafty Wonderland. After waiting a couple of days, I got the acceptance email and that was the beginning of a wonderful partnership. MOSS has grown leaps and bounds since that booth pic was taken above and I would just like to extend my thanks to Crafty (that’s you, Torie and Cathy!). Being accepted to that show was like getting a big warm welcoming hug from the Portland crafty community. I’ve met so many wonderful people and have learned so many things. Without you guys, I never would have grown MOSS to what it is today. 

Earlier this week, Crafty Wonderland has announced a big shift in their plans for 2010. You can read more about why here. MOSS and countless other art and craft enthusiasts will miss all the Sunday crafty goodness at the Doug Fir but will continue our support in the coming years. So WOOT! for Torie and Cathy!

MOSS will not be selling at this month’s Crafty Wonderland (the very last one at the Doug Fir!) but would like to ask all of you to come out and celebrate 3.5 years of crafty love with Torie and Cathy. You ladies are amazing! Many, many, many thanks!

Crafty Wonderland

@ The Doug Fir Lounge (830 E. Burnside, Portland, OR)

Sunday, Novemebr 8th

11am – 4pm * FREE * All Ages